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Thai Property Co., Ltd.

Thai Property Guide.Com Co., Ltd. is a residential real estate agency, founded in Bangkok in 1987. We specialize in providing high end residences for international executives based in Bangkok, Thailand. We have dedicated over 25 years to serving the expatriate community. Specialising in rental residences with an extensive residential property database of over 4,000 properties.
Our English and French speaking sales agents are trained to select and show our expat clientele suitable homes, in the right location, at the right price, according to their requirements. We also familiarise families with the neighbourhood, hospitals, and schools. We help with the rental negotiations and details before you move in. We advise both landlord and tenants on common practices and their liabilities according to Thai Law. We assist both the tenant and the owner in evaluating the condition of the property, recording the state of the property when moving in, and ensuring that any safety requirements are met. Additionally we facilitate negotiations upon moving out, whether it is furniture evaluation, recording the state of the property, or breaking of a contract, we are always there to help.